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& benefits

  • defence
  • cost reduction
  • Protect electronics from corrosion
  • State of readiness
  • Chemical breakdown
  • Navy ships
  • Aircraft


humidityAll around us in the air that we breathe is water, although it is invisible to the eye, it is there in the form of vapour suspended in the air as a gas. 

Water in the air is measured in Relative Humidity, which simply means the amount of water suspended in relationship to the temperature and the maximum holding capacity being 100%. Therefore 20% RH means the air is holding 20% of the maximum water capacity, at the temperature when the measurement was taken.

Many places in the world suffer from humidity levels greater than 80% for the majority of the year and this includes the UK. This level has various effects in industry from corrosion of steel, glass, aluminium, electronics malfunction, fungus and mould to breakdown of some rubber and plastics.