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& benefits

  • defence
  • cost reduction
  • Protect electronics from corrosion
  • State of readiness
  • Chemical breakdown
  • Navy ships
  • Aircraft


rotorThe process air, which requires drying, is passed through a slowly rotating desiccant wheel. 

The desiccant wheel (rotor) is constructed using a reinforced glass substrate and synthesised silica gel molecularly bonded to it. 

This unique process gives the rotor a strong hygroscopic surface, a very high water absorbing capacity and maximum moisture pick up with over 82% of the total material being silica gel.  

The desiccant wheel is split into sectors; our normal configuration is 65% process air, 25% regeneration air and 10% pre purge air sector.

Heated regeneration air is passed through the regeneration sector in a counter flow direction to the process airflow and the moisture contained in the Silica Gel is evaporated and exhausted. 

The pre purge sector is used to recover heat from the desiccant wheel which pre heats the regeneration air, reducing the regeneration heaters power.  At the same time this lowers the temperature of the process air reducing post cooling requirements.  This process of dehumidifying and regeneration is done continuously and automatically as shown in the diagram above.